Email Marketing Not Working Because No One Read It?

Email Marketing Not Working Because No One Read It?

29 July 2020

Spending time to craft your email message, put in a nice design and draft an enticing email subject but not getting the expected email open rate? It doesn’t get read? Or worse, it is in spam box?

As a subscriber, we love spam filter. But as email marketeer, that’s the biggest challenge we face. In order to have a successful email campaign, we need to improve the open rate. And to have a good open rate, we need to avoid email filters and make them land in the recipient’s inbox instead of spam box.

Here are 5 tips to help avoiding spam filters when sending your marketing email


1. Build your own contact list

Don’t buy or rent email list because they never gave you consent and it becomes unsolicited email. Build your contact list with legitimate email address with basic profile of the audience. Keeping your email clean and high quality give you lower spam rate.

2. Never use free email address

Avoid using, or Show your recipients you are serious in the business with your company email. Anyway, registering a domain and setting up a company email won’t cost you much.

3. Balance of image and text

You don’t need a beautifully design email, you need an effective email. So stop putting one large image as your email content, it will end in the junk box. Design your email with text and images to avoid spam filters.

4. Follow the rules

Write it professionally and structure well for email, follow basic rules like avoid phishing phrases or spam trigger words, don’t cap the subject, include unsubscribed, etc

5. Test and learn

Lastly, keep trying and learn from the email blast results.


Not sure how to develop a solid email marketing strategy? Talk to us, Spice Monsters can help.


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